Top Reasons To Have Epoxy Flooring

In Your Basement

Basement Flooring
One of the hardest places to choose flooring for is the basement, and this is for more reasons that one. As we all know, basements are incredibly moist environments, making it nearly impossible for wood to be installed as it will warp and buckle, carpet is a no go because it will rot or turn moldy and tile runs the risk of popping straight off the concrete due to moisture in the concrete. So what does that leave, boring traditional concrete? Well, the answer to that is basement epoxy flooring, and that’s what we are going to talk about today!
Moisture Resistant
The biggest problem that you are going to face in the basement moisture that rises up through the concrete slab and into the basement, making it humid and almost unbearable. That’s where epoxy flooring comes in as it is a waterproof basement flooring that will both seal all moisture under the concrete and the flooring won’t be damaged from moisture that can potentially leak onto the flooring so you won’t have to worry about water damaged ever again! With our basement waterproofing flooring system, you can also enjoy your basement without having to deal with high levels of humidity or that nasty smell or mildew and mold.
Slip Resistant Surface
Basement Epoxy Flooring
While the basement waterproofing capabilities of epoxy flooring already make it the front runner for basement flooring, there is so much more than it can bring to the table! While the concrete is now sealed and moisture can no longer come up through the concrete, your walls are still prone to releasing small amounts of water that can make your floor slippery. With an epoxy flooring system, we can help with that! We use a special additive that can be placed right into the final coat of epoxy that looks like salt or sand that will give the epoxy a texture. This texture can supply ample amount of grip even when the flooring becomes wet, keeping you and your family safe from accidents.
Ultra Durable
Epoxy Flooring
But wait, there’s more that comes with an epoxy flooring system when it is placed in the basement! When renovated, the basement can offer valuable living space that can both help your family live more comfortably and even add value to your home by the thousands. Well, a basement epoxy flooring system can amplify both of these qualities! Epoxy flooring is one of the most durable flooring systems available on the market and is resistant to most forms of damage including wear and tear, dropped objects and even scratches from abrasions from play time or from your pets. That means epoxy flooring makes it easy on you when choosing what you want to renovate your basement into. From home gym to a play area for your children, epoxy can help keep your concrete safe.
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Epoxy Floor Coatings
As stated above, a renovated basement can add value to your home and a basement epoxy can add even more value on top of that. This is because as we stated up above, your basement is now waterproof and the flooring is now immune to all forms of water damage, including flooding. This can make your home very desirable compared to a home without epoxy driving the price of your home up.