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What You Need To Know About Your Next Basement Flooring System

Whether you are leaving your basement as it stands or if you are planning to renovate your basement in the future, you need to have a flooring system in place that will protect your home and your homes concrete infrastructure. Before, the only options that you had to choose from were carpets, wood floorings, tile or maybe oven just leaving the concrete slab exposed. Well, we have an announcement for our neighbors in Fort Worth! We are one of the top epoxy basement flooring companies that unlike our competitors, we offer:

-Fast Installations
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-Award Winning Epoxies

No to sure what an epoxy flooring system is our what they have to offer but are curious? You are in luck because we have outlined our basement epoxy flooring systems and what they have to offer down below.

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Variety to suit your needs.

The Customizability Of Epoxy Basement Flooring

The Possibilities Are Endless With Epoxy

We understand that all of our clients are going to have different tastes and different goals when it comes to designing or renovating their basements, so we aren’t just going to throw one type of epoxy your way! Our team of epoxy flooring contractors and epoxy flooring installers has decades of combined experience so you can rest assured that we have knowledge dealing with every epoxy system possible! The only difference in all of our epoxy basement flooring systems come down to their appearance as we only use the strongest possible epoxy flooring system; the 100 percent solid system; for our client’s basements. Below we have the most popular basement epoxies down below for your viewing pleasure:

metallic epoxy basement floor
Metallic Epoxy Basement Floor
Are you tired of having the same flooring as everyone else and want to be set apart from the norm? Well, with our amazing metallic epoxy basement flooring, you can enjoy the effects of lava flowing, a cloudy day, or even waves crashing into the beach. As well as:
  • Dazzling Finishes
  • Ultra Strong
  • Versatile Flooring Solution
Rustic Wood Flooring
Rustic Wood Basement Epoxy
Before our rustic wood epoxy flooring, it was virtually impossible to have wood flooring in your basement. When wood is placed in the moist basement, the wood would warp, buckle and eventually be ruined beyond repair. Now you can finally have the appearance of rustic wood flooring in your basement but with the added strength and waterproof properties of an epoxy flooring system. We can create specific colors, grains and even plank size with our amazing rustic wood epoxy system.
Epoxy Flooring
Basic Epoxy Flooring
Looking for more of the traditional and modern approach to epoxy flooring? Don’t worry we got you covered! We offer our epoxy basement flooring in a bare state if you are looking for a more simplistic design in your basement with a wide selection of colors to choose from.

  • Easy Maintenance
  • Brighten Your Basement
  • Lasts Up To 30 Years!

Protect your home with basement waterprofing

Benefits of Basement Waterproofing

We Can Make Your Basement More Comfortable!
basement concrete floor epoxy sealer
Basement Waterproofing
One of the biggest problems that our basements have to face is the constant exposure to moisture. Well, that was until our epoxy basement flooring systems were installed! Our basement epoxy acts as a shield that keeps all moisture out of the concrete slab with a vacuum effect so you can have:
  • Makes The Basement More Tolerable
  • No More Condinsation
  • Rugs/Carpets Won’t Rot
basement epoxy coating
Mold/Mildew Resistant
Since epoxy is a waterproof basement flooring, that means that you won’t ever have to deal with nasty mold or mildew ever again! We all hate when we walk downstairs just to be knocked off our feet by the nasty smell of mildew or mold. Since the presence of mold and mildew are completely eradicated, your children can finally have an area to play and you can have a home gym or maybe a home gym without the worry of getting sick from these hazards.
basement epoxy floor coating
Slip And Skid Resistant
Another key benefit of our basement waterproofing flooring system is the fact that all moisture will be eliminated from your flooring, keeping you safe from falls. We even offer a special additive that looks like salt that is placed right into the top coat that offers texture, providing more grip.
  • No More Falling
  • Family-Friendly Flooring
  • Safe For Storage To Home Gyms

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epoxy basement floor

Easy care and maintenance

How To Clean Your Basement Epoxy Flooring
The Fastest And Most Simplistic Maintenance Procedure In The Flooring Industry!
With one of our epoxy basement flooring system in place, you will enjoy the amazing benefit of having a very simple and time conserving task when it comes to maintenance. You probably already have all you need to complete maintenance as there are no waxes or polishes involved. Even if you don’t have the required tools, they are inexpensive and easy to find at your local hardware store!
The first step is to remove all loose debris with a soft bristle broom such as a dust mop, a stiff bristle broom can leave tiny scratches in your flooring so beware! After all foreign materials are removed, you can move on to the next step of mopping the floor.
The phase of mopping the floor doesn’t require any fancy tools, all you need is a standard wet mop! Make sure not to focus on an area for a prolonged amount of time as it can make your top coat look dull!
When using additional chemicals in the mopping phase, be very cautious and always test new chemicals! Mask off a tiny portion of your basement in a corner or inconspicuous area and let the chemical sit for five minutes. Harmful chemicals will turn the surface cloudy, but if nothing happens, you are good to go!
For any specific questions, please check our homepage, check our blog or even give us a call! We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have!