Why Epoxy Flooring Is The Superior Flooring

Type For Both Commercial & Residential

Residential Epoxy
When it comes to epoxy flooring, most people will automatically think it is only used in the commercial or industrial realm of flooring as well, it was designed for industrial use. But, that was decades upon decades ago and epoxy flooring has been engineered to be used anywhere you have concrete or anywhere you can put concrete. As a matter of fact, many people believe that epoxy flooring is the superior flooring for both commercial and residential areas and that’s what we are going to take a deeper look at today. Let’s see why so many people believe this to be true, shall we?
Residential Epoxy
Let’s start with the residential setting, shall we? Did you know that epoxy flooring is able to be customized more than any other flooring that is available on the market? This is because epoxy is a liquid when it is installed so there are no real barriers when it comes to designing your flooring or no limits on how you can customize your flooring. We offer endless choices for base colors, the option to use flakes or metallic pigments and even the option to have emblems or logos installed directly into the flooring.
Garage Floor Epoxy
Garage Floor Epoxy
While customization is nice, let’s talk about an area of the home that benefits the most from an epoxy flooring system, the garage. Garage floor epoxy is hands down the best coating that you can get for your garage, plain and simple. Garage floor epoxy is able to resist the harshest chemicals found in the garage, can be washed down using a garden hose to make maintenance fast and can even make your neighbors green with envy everytime you open your garage door, No other coating can do all of the above, and epoxy flooring does them all magnificently.
Commercial Flooring Soluions
Commercial Epoxy Flooring
Now let’s take a look at commercial flooring like polished or even traditional concrete for that matter. If you own a commercial facility, you know how rough the environment can be in your facility, there is heavy amounts of foot/ vehicle traffic, the possibility of objects being dropped on the flooring and not to mention the ability to withstand damage from heavy machinery. This is crucial whether you are running a grocery store all the way to a warehouse, durability plays a major role as damaged concrete can lead to your facility being closed for repairs or your building even being condemned for an unsafe environment. But an epoxy flooring drastically reduces the chances of that happening.
USDA Approved
Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating
Another reason why epoxy flooring can be considered the superior flooring for commercial facilities is the fact that epoxy flooring is the recommended flooring for use in sensitive areas. Considering that this recommendation and approval came from the USDA makes this a very big deal. Epoxy flooring also offers a smooth, hygienic and seamless surface so no dropped food items or germs can become hidden and cause potential health hazards down the line. A commercial epoxy floor coating is also able to be disinfected and cleaned with ease because of its seamless and smooth finish.
Consider This
Metallic Epoxy Flooring
Taking all of these benefits into account, it is plain to see why epoxy flooring is the superior flooring for both commercial and residential setting. So if you’re interested in learning more about epoxy flooring or are ready to take the leap into trying an epoxy flooring system, either give us a call or check out our main website, you won’t be disappointed!