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All You Need To Know About Our Epoxy Flooring Systems In Fort Worth

Are you tired of all of the run of the mill flooring options that are thrown in your face on a daily basis? Are you ready to embrace a flooring that can be both exotic, simplistic and modern at the same time? Well, now you finally have your chance with our epoxy flooring system in Fort Worth. While our epoxy flooring is amazing, so is our service, and when you trust us to install your epoxy flooring in Fort Worth you can have:

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Now, let us talk about our epoxy floors and what they can do for you, your home or your business!

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Fort Worth Epoxy

Where Epoxy Flooring Can Be Used

There Are No Limits When Using Epoxy Flooring In Fort Worth!

There is a common misconception about epoxy, that misconception is that epoxy flooring is only effective when it is placed into industrial settings. This claim completely unfounded and in actuality, we are proud to say that our epoxy flooring systems can handle industrial settings with ease, but there is so much more than our floorings can offer. To prove to you that our epoxy floor coatings are able to provide other areas with jaw-dropping performance, we have outlined the most popular areas that our epoxy floorings are used in Fort Worth and what our epoxy systems bring to these facilities down below.

commercial epoxy flooring
Commercial Epoxy Flooring
Our epoxy flooring systems bring the following features to commercial facilities in Fort Worth:
  • Epoxy is a USDA approved flooring for its easily disinfected and seamless surface
  • Epoxy systems are immune to daily wear and tear due to its plastic-like composition
  • Epoxy offers superior traction so accidents occur much less when an epoxy floor is in place
Garage Floor Coating
Garage Floor Epoxy
Heres what a garage floor epoxy brings to the table:
  • Garage epoxy offers resistance to chemicals, resulting in a “greener” garage
  • An epoxy garage floor is an investment in your home and can even add value to your home
  • When garage floor epoxy is used, you can kiss nasty oil stains goodbye
Epoxy Basement Floor
Basement Epoxy Flooring
Basement epoxy flooring is in high demand for the following purposes:
  • Basement epoxy is a waterproofing system, making your basement floor waterproof and watertight
  • An epoxy basement flooring is easily maintained with no waxes or polishes
  • In the off chance your basement does get moist, basement epoxy is mold and mildew resistant
Fort Worth Epoxy

Benefits Of Epoxy Flooring Fort Worth

What Epoxy Flooring Can Bring To Your Home Or Business
epoxy floor coating
Unmatched Strength
An epoxy floorings systems’ strength is unmatched in the flooring world and here’s why:
  • At least 20,000 PSI of weight tolerance with ease
  • Protection from dropped objects, heavy foot/vehicle traffic and even resistance to heavy/frequent vibrations
  • High tensile strength keeps the flooring from buckling during times of high/heavy usage
industrial epoxy flooring
Decades Of Use
An epoxy floor coating is also the flooring industries longest lasting flooring and can:
  • Last up to 30 years when properly maintained
  • Offers a low lifecycle cost when it comes time for replacing the flooring system
  • Only major maintenance during this time is the replacement of the top coat every 7-8 years
epoxy garage floor coating
Brighten Your Space
Epoxy flooring is one of the few flooring systems that offer the rare ability to:
  • Make your area up to 300 percent brighter without additional lighting sources
  • Make the space safer and brighter, hence making the workplace or garage more efficient
  • Save you money on your power bill at the same time

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Metallic Epoxy Floor
Fort Worth Epoxy

Customizing Your Epoxy Flooring

For Appeal Or For Efficiency
You should be happy to know that when you have an epoxy flooring in Fort Worth installed, your coating won’t be the dull gray flooring that everyone makes an epoxy floor out to be. When you choose epoxy as your primary flooring system, you have the following options for customization:
  • A wide array of base colors, flakes or even metallic pigments to make your flooring one of a kind with your own personal flair
  • The option to have your companies logo placed directly into the flooring; your favorite brand placed right into your epoxy in the garage, basement or man cave
  • The option for warehouses/industrial facilities to make arrows, walkways, and barriers that can make the workplace safer and more efficient.