Tips To Maintain Your

Epoxy Flooring

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring
When you’ve been in Fort Worth for as long as we have been, you know that our city and the companies in our city can go through some concrete and that’s why we want to help our neighbors out with our amazing epoxy floor coatings! We are ready to help out our hometown with our bountiful epoxy flooring, and this bounty is benefits! Today we are going to talk about how our epoxy flooring can help defend your companies flooring and your homes flooring from wear and tear common in Fort Worth.
Upgrades & Protection
Garage Floor Epoxy
First of all, our city has many great industrial buildings and a few of them aren’t getting the flooring they deserve. Our industrial epoxy flooring can help grow and protect your business with a well worth investment. Our epoxy flooring has been proven to make your concrete up to 300 percent stronger with an amazing 20,000 psi weight tolerance. Not only does this mean your concrete will be able to store more, that means that your concrete can handle a wide range of dropped objects and even the effects of daily heavy machinery traffic and foot traffic. No other flooring can protect your facility like industrial epoxy flooring.
Waterproof Flooring!
Commercial Epoxy
Lately, we have been getting hit with some pretty frantic weather, and our concrete is definitely paying the price. Whether it erosion from the salt on your car being parked in the garage or even the occasional hale or rainstorm, your concrete has its work cut out for itself. That is where epoxy flooring or even a garage floor epoxy is able to step in and handle most or all of the load. Our epoxy floor coatings are resistant to almost all forms of chemical wear so that debris and fallout from winter driving can be washed right off our epoxy coatings. Is your home at the disadvantage of being flooded by the rain? Our garage floor and our basement epoxies are 100 percent waterproof and can even resist effects from fire and electricity making epoxy the lifeproof flooring!
Slip Resitant
Garage Floor Coating
It can get very humid in Fort Worth, so many people think that our smooth and seamless floorings get very slippery when it is moist out, but that is not the case at all! Our epoxy floorings natural texture and material make up force the epoxy flooring to provide ample traction. But what if it’s really wet or raining outside? Well, we have the solution for that as well! We offer a special additive that can be placed into the top layer of epoxy flooring that looks like salt or sand. This additive gives the epoxy even more texture so the flooring is accident proof, even when it’s extremely wet or soiled.
Care Free Maintenance
Metallic Epoxy
We know how busy everyone is in our town, that’s why we despise flooring that takes forever to maintain or flooring that just requires way too much maintenance. That is why our epoxy flooring has been engineered to resist even the most penetrating stains so all you need to do to maintain your flooring is simply give it a quick sweep and mop before you call it a day. Another cool way to maintain an area that can get wet like the garage is with a hose. That’s right, you can use a standard garden hose to wash down your garage if it is heavily soiled or if you are in a rush to get the job done.